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Unexpected Benefits of Posture Improvement | Ergonomics for Dental Professionals

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It is well known that improving our posture is beneficial to the health of our spine. In addition, there are also many other advantages that are less recognized. The body is, in an ideal world, meant to be symmetrical. When both sides of the body are in proper alignment, the organs and body systems can function at full capacity. When posture and  alignment are poor, the entire body is affected in many different ways. Our ergonomics specialist in California has listed some of the ways that posture can unexpectedly improve your mental and physical health.

  1. You will be able to breathe easier. When your spine and ribcage are in proper position, your chest wall can expand to its full potential. This will enable you to take a complete deep breath. It is nearly impossible to breathe fully when you are sitting in a slouched position.
  1. You will digest your food better. Poor posture compresses your abdomen and the organs inside.  The trunk of your body needs to stretch in order to give the organs and muscles room to move, which in turn moves the food through the system. If your posture is very poor, it can eventually cause constipation.
  1. You will be in a better mood with less anxiety. Improved posture involves relaxing your neck and shoulders, easing tension. This communicates a message of relaxation to our nervous system, assuring our body that we aren’t in a fight-or-flight situation.
  1. You will have more energy. Because improved posture will allow you to breathe better, more oxygen will flow to the organs throughout your body. Better blood and oxygen flow translates to more energy for your body.
  1. You will have fewer headaches. Poor posture will compress the joints in your head and neck and cause tension in muscles. Head and neck tension are one of the most common causes of headaches.
  1. You will experience more confidence. Good posture is an anatomical sign that you are strong and in good health. A study found that when someone stands tall with good posture rather than slouched over, they are more likely to be judged as competent.

Proper posture provides so many more benefits than simply improving the health of your spine. Along with preventing injury and extending the life of your career, it will enhance your entire well-being. Set up an appointment today with ErgoFit Life to see how we can help you improve your strength and posture.

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