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Personal Training

I use science based information to create a personalized program that can achieve dependable, long term results.


Included in each individual program:

  • Full posture, fitness, daily practices and goals assessment
  • Stretch program (60 second workday page and 30 min full body stretches)
  • Daily ergonomic practices recommendations
  • General tips to reduce pain at home
  • Goal specific nutritional guidance​
  • 3 Customized Posture Correction, Full Body step by step workouts with instructions and pictures of exactly what to do, how to do it and how it should feel.
  • 3 Months of Coaching with accountability check-in's, modification/additional exercises, progression tracking, encouragement, ergonomic/fitness/nutrition guidance as needed.
  • additional months of coaching optional
  • One on one in person training with real time corrective feedback is available for local clients.

Individual Pricing

Individual Program ~ $400 per 3 months

Personal Training ~ $60 per session (*local clients)

Let me help you practice as long as you want and retire pain free!


ErgoFit Life

Real Results

I love to celebrate success!!! I'm so proud of this special lady Monique for being super diligent and following my program to the letter. Look at her results after just 1 month!! She's on fire!!

ErgoFit Life

Another huge client success! This is at 60 days with the ErgoFitLife program! 22 yrs in hygiene left her in daily pain. Not anymore!!!

Her pain is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, her shoulders are almost even, her posture is much better and as a bonus she has lost almost 2” around her waist line.

ErgoFit Life

In just 2 months with the ErgoFitLife program this amazing woman has:

-> reduced her chronic, severe pain to almost NO pain,

-> her forward head posture to nearly neutral head posture,

-> shoulders are pointing in the right direction,

-> significantly increased flexibility,

-> established neutral posture,

-> significant reduction in body fat while increasing muscle tone as noted by a much flatter tummy and better booty!

Btw, her weight is about the same in the first pic and in the last! Just goes to show how poor of a metric the scale is (throw it out!)

The ErgoFitLife Program Works!

ErgoFit Life

"Just wanted to share another milestone in my journey with ErgoFitLife! I previously shared a picture of my posture improvement and now sharing a picture of my weight loss. I’ve been working with Katrina Klein since January 1st in various ways. I did various challenges and had Katrina create a workout plan for me. I’m just shy of 6 months - I’ve lost 25 lbs, 7% body fat, and lots of inches! I went to a meeting a few weeks ago and none of my pants fit. I made it work even though it looked like I didn’t know how to dress myself! Thank god for belts! 😂"

-Laura P. 

ErgoFit Life

"Left side Aug 2017, right side Sept 2018. My ergonomics was poor in the dental chair, I had a ton of shoulder and back pain. Katrina and I have worked together for a year now. I'm stronger, my pain is minimal and my ergonomics is better. And look, that left shoulder is finally down haha."

-Casey L.

Healthy body

Healthy Life

The program incorporates many elements to establish and maintain a solid foundation for a healthy body and healthy life.

ErgoFit Life

Posture Correction

The body cannot hope to sustain the excessive and static load we place on it without strengthening it. The neck and shoulders will try to compensate for a weak back until they fall short of the demand and also fail, resulting in pain and injury. 

Learn target zone exercises that specifically relieve the overworked muscles and strengthen those that support proper posture.


ErgoFit Life

Workday Practices

Learn how to practice so that you can practice as long as you want! There's a huge difference between prevention and treatment.

We can significantly reduce the potential for pain by using ergonomically sound practices during the day. 

  • Patient/Operator positioning

  • 60 Second Effective Stretches

  • Ergonomic Equipment Essentials

  • Alternative Practice Solutions

  • Workday Tid Bits that actually help!

ErgoFit Life


Dentistry has you hunched over, craning your neck all day long. Stretching your back, neck, shoulders and even wrists out of this static ballerina post is ESSENTIAL to becoming pain free.

Learn which stretches are most effective, how and when to use them.

  • 60 Second Workday Target Zone Stretches

  • Target Zone After Hours Stretching

  • Full Body Stretching 


ErgoFit Life

Strength Training

One of the best ways to prevent injury is to be proactive about strength training. My one on one personal training provides an opportunity to learn how to strengthen your body by learning which exercises are best for dental professionals, how to do them correctly, learn which equipment works which muscles, receive real time feedback to correct form, learn which exercises not to do and how to progress to become your best version of you!

I also provide goal specific nutritional guidance. We know that getting and staying fit is as much about eating clean and efficiently, as it is activity. Let me help you learn to eat to achieve your goals!

Strengthen the body to build a foundation that can meet our demands.

ErgoFit Life


This X-ray shows “Tech Neck” or deformed cervical vertebrae as a result of chronic leaning forward and looking down. The neck is supposed to be rounded and concave, not straight. Practicing hygiene without ergonomics and extensive use of cell phones is a bad combination resulting in a lot of pain. Need to learn better ergonomics? I can help!



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