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Ergonomic Tips for the Workplace | Ergonomics Near Me

Without proper ergonomics, work can be a painful experience. If you’ve ever experienced soreness in your back, neck, or similar area after a long day at work, you may need to take a closer look at the way your workplace is set up. Stay comfortable and follow these tips to experience more pain free workdays.

1.) Keep your posture perfect. Make sure your body is centered and your thighs are horizontal with your knees. Find a position that is comfortable and remember to stay active when you can. Recent studies have shown that saddle style stools are a great aid for dental professionals, as they provide many positive impacts for the musculoskeletal system. 

2.) Place items you regularly use close to your body. This helps you avoid unnecessary stretching throughout the day and can also help with maintaining posture.

3.)  If much of your day is spent on the phone, a headset can make a world of difference. Cradling a phone between your head and neck can cause unnecessary strain and discomfort.

4.) Reduce hand pain and numbness by keeping your wrists in a neutral position and avoid excessive gripping. Your hands are the most important tool you have. Make sure you treat them well to keep up excellent condition. 

5.) Ensure that both the patient and your adjustable lights are in a position that limits the strain on your neck. If you find yourself having to bend or lean towards the patient, adjust positions.

With these tips in mind, you can become more conscious of the daily routines that may be causing you pain and prevent them. For expert guidance on better ergonomics, contact our ergonomics specialist today.    

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