Without Pain


November 20, 2020

As a dentist who is 40 years old and already worried about my ability to physically do this job much longer, I decided to bring Katrina Klein out from California to Chattanooga to teach us about the many facets of ergonomics in dentistry. Lots of good info that I’m excited to implement. She’s got a unique wealth of knowledge (certified ergonomics assessment specialist and a certified personal trainer) that she applies specifically to our field (because she is also an RDH). Anyway, at first I thought it was unrealistic to bring her to Chattanooga all the way from California, but it was well worth it and I just wanted to share that fact with everyone here. We opened it up to the other offices in the area and it was a great time of learning. She’s great at what she does and I encourage others to consider having her come speak. Helpful stuff that can prolong your career.

Dr. Carruthers